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Parallel Lines

Devised by [In Brackets]
[In Brackets]:
Ara Cho
Eleanor Fogg
Chien-Han Hung
Hansoloo Jhun
Ellen Pye
Lisa Savini
Yaron Shyldkrot

‘You are just supposed to know that it is there and if you don’t you are not someone who needs to know or whom it needs to know’.

A construction looms in the background, the origin of an omnipotent machine that demands unobtainable perfection from those who work below. Meticulous tasks lead to the gradual domination of space. But in a structure that insists upon faultlessness, faults inevitably appear. 
Parallel Lines is an ensemble performance that explores power structures in a capitalist society, inspired by a mysterious glass building in London’s financial district and a blurry shared imagining of what goes on inside. Geometry, symmetry and unity homogenise and regulate the space and bodies, creating warped images of an overbearing system beyond our understanding and control.

[In Brackets] consists of seven practitioners from five different countries (England, Italy, Israel, South Korea and Taiwan). The work is a cross course collaboration combining students from MA Advanced Theatre Practice and MA Scenography from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

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